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Titin Rakhmawati

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Islam is a perfect religion

Islam is perfect because there is a belief other than Islam. So the Lord Almighty, God Almighty, says that means "there really is no religion except Islam".

Just like when I saw the perfect man physically, then it's because I also see there are people who are not physically perfect. Indeed, these are the words were loud and rude, and indeed the fact it is hard and rough.

Perfection will only be recognized by people who have liver tenderness, due to the fact it could hurt someone else, or bitter for those who would deny it.

For people who want perfection, without believing there are not perfect and everything is perfect or otherwise assume everything is not perfect is the one who is not meek. They do not have confidence, and not be true to yourself, finally called lying.

Perfection of Islam is not the state that has the basic form of Islam, Islam is in perfect form instructions.

People who do not understand the perfection of Islam, or people who do not believe in the perfection of Islam, has said that there is hypocrisy of the perfection of Islam with a form of Islam, whether in state or Islamic religious man.

Islam provides guidance on a variety of human based on his belief in berislam, namely:

1. Muslims / Believers are men who believe with the perfection of Islam, and not trying to drop it or deny it.

2. Hypocrisy is a man who took part agreed with the perfection of Islam, but do not believe that Islam is perfect, and trying to drop or deny the perfection of Islam.

The answer has been given the perfection of Islam and form masyarakatIislam is a difference or there is hypocrisy, is one of two kinds of people that have been described in Islam.

So even though there is hypocrisy in Islam, but does not change the fact that Islam is perfect, and this was confirmed also by God Almighty, in Surat Al Baqoroh paragraph 2:

"This is a book that is no doubt in it"

H. Shihab Qurais interpret that book referred to in paragraph 2 letter Baqoroh Al Kitab Al Quran is. And no one is allowed kitabpun called a book like the one in the letter except the Quran.

Perfection of Islam is a faith, that No God In addition to Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

Of human belief then you are sure, must have faith harmony and pillars of Islam.

Pillars of Faith is to believe To God Almighty, believe To the angel of God, believe in the Book of Allah, believing in the Messenger of Allah, believe in destiny Allah, and believe in the Day of Judgment.

Five Pillars of Islam are Shahadat, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage and alms.

Perfection of Islam is on teaching, although humans do not base one's life, but perfection will not fade. And Allah is berifiman through Apostle Muhammad, that before the Day of Judgment comes, Islam will be victorious or experiencing a golden age, with dipimpim by Isa and Al Mahdi.

So even though now tarnished by the weakness of Islam adherents, the "hypocrite", but the promise of Allah will prove that the golden age of Islam as a form of perfection of Islam. And should not be pronounced, that Islam and Islamic societies form contradictory.