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The development of Islam in Muhammad SAW

1. PERIOD Mecca
In this period, the first three years, the Islamic da'wah done secretly - hidden home based Arqam bin Abil Arqam, then after the verse 94 of Al-Hijr, the Prophet Muhammad start preaching in the light - sun. But the mission is done under challenge from the Quraysh because of several factors:
- They can not distinguish between the prophetic and power
- The Prophet called for equality between nobles and slaves
- The Quraysh did not believe in the resurrection
- Imitation to the ancestors
- Sculptor and sculpture sellers look islam as a barrier sustenance

In this period the Prophet more emphasis on the basic - basic Islamic community education and social education, then the Prophet laid the foundation - the basis of Islamic society are:
a. Establishing a mosque.
In order to unite Muslims in one assembly that can together praying pilgrims and try the case - the case preformance community.
b. Uniting between the ansyahr and muhajirin
c. The agreement between the mutual aid between the Muslims and non-Muslims
d. Laying the foundation - the basis of the political, economic, social msyarakat

According to the mudlimin hasan ibrahim allowed to wage war against the infidels for two reasons:
1. To defend himself and protect his property and described hk preformance al-Quran Sura al-hajj verses 39-40.
2. To maintain safety and keep it from spreading beliefs that prevent them in the way.

  LETTERS - LETTER proselytizing Prophet Muhammad
According to Muhammad Sa'ad Bin (w 230 H) in his book "Ath Thabaqat Al - Kubra", the letter - the letter of Prophet Muhammad SAW numbered no less than 150 and can be grouped into 3 of which provides:
a. The letter - a letter containing the call to Islam
b. The letter - a letter that contains the rules - the rules in Islam
c. The letters contain some things that must be done oleah people - non-Muslims to Islam commands

5. MISSION Da'wah Prophet Muhammad
To deliver mission - preaching mission, the Prophet sent some friends who are experts in the field of political strategy and discussion. Among such as:
a. Suja 'Bin Wahhab al - Asadi
Sent a letter to Al - Harith Bin Syamar disiria
b. Ali Bin Abi Talib, was also sent to Yemen
c. Usman bin Zaid, was sent to the vowel of the tribes Juhainah
d. Etc.
said a mission - the mission of preaching the Prophet Muhammad who was sent to deliver a message - the message propagation to establish the religion of Islam.

In the year 10 AH (651 AD) of the Prophet and his entourage Hajj and Hajj is the last one for him which is a farewell Hajj or the Farewell Pilgrimage. And on the occasion that fall verses the Qur'an in surah Al-Maidah verse: 3. On this occasion, the Prophet also convey a very historic sermon contains principles - principles of humanity, equality, social justice, economic justice, benevolence and solidarity.
After that the Prophet became ill hot and he also advised that to do good to all people, especially to the ansyar. When the pain grew louder max Prophet said'' command that Abu Bakr to lead the people to pray'' Prophet died at Duha on Monday the 12th of Rabiul beginning Year 11 H (8 June 631 AD). By the time the Prophet died aged 63 years.