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Islam Is a Religion That Easy

Islam is a religion that is easy and in accordance with human nature. Islam is a religion that is not difficult. Allaah wants ease to mankind and do not want to distress them. Allah Almighty sent the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam as a blessing.

وما أرسلناك إلا رحمة للعالمين

"And We have not sent thee (Muhammad), but for (a) a mercy to the worlds." [Al-Anbiya: 107]

Allah revealed the Qur-an to guide humanity to the convenience, safety, happiness and do not make a wretched man, as the Lord God Almighty:

ما أنزلنا عليك القرآن لتشقى إلا تذكرة لمن يخشى تنزيلا ممن خلق الأرض والسماوات العلى

"We did not bring down Al-Qur-an is thee (Muhammad) that you may become difficult: it is a warning to those who fear (Allah), derived from (Allah) who created the earth and the high heavens." [Thaahaa: 2 - 4]

As an example of the ease of Islam:

1. Syar'i studying, learning Al-Qur'an and Sunnah according to the understanding of the Salaf is easy. We can learn every day or twice a week, on the sidelines of our time was free.

2. Mentauhidkan worship Allah and to Him is easy.

3. Implementing Sunnah-Sunnah Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam is easy, such as lengthening beard, wearing clothes above the ankles, and others.

4. Prayers are only required 5 times in 24 hours. People who humility in prayer, a maximum of 10 minutes, in a matter of days he perform prayers in a day is only 50 minutes in 24 x 60 min.

5. The sick obligatory prayers, should sit or lie down if it is not able to stand.

6. If there is no water (for purification), then Tayammum is allowed.

7. If exposed to unclean, simply wash the affected area unclean, (another religion should be cut out and discarded clothing).

8. Musafir disunnahkan shorten (summarizing) prayers and may menjama '(merge) two prayers when needed, such as noon, the prayer with' Asr, and Maghrib with 'Isha'.

9. The entire surface of the earth is made for a prayer and be used for ablution (Tayammum).

10. Fasting is only required for one month, ie in Ramadhan once a year.

11. The sick and the traveler may change as long as he did not fast fasting on other days, as well as the childbirth and menstruation.

12. People who are elderly, pregnant women and lactating case of incapacity should not fast, by replacing it in the form of fidyah. [2]

13. Zakat shall be issued only once a year, when it is up and haul nishab.

14. Hajj is only required once in a lifetime. Those who want to add, then it is sunnah. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam was asked by al-Aqra' bin Expires on how many pilgrims have accomplished, whether it should be every year or just once a lifetime? So he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam replied:

بل مرة واحدة فمن زاد فهو تطوع.

"Hajj is (mandatory) one time, anyone who wanted to add, it is sunnah." [3]
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Islam is a perfect religion

Islam is perfect because there is a belief other than Islam. So the Lord Almighty, God Almighty, says that means "there really is no religion except Islam".

Just like when I saw the perfect man physically, then it's because I also see there are people who are not physically perfect. Indeed, these are the words were loud and rude, and indeed the fact it is hard and rough.

Perfection will only be recognized by people who have liver tenderness, due to the fact it could hurt someone else, or bitter for those who would deny it.

For people who want perfection, without believing there are not perfect and everything is perfect or otherwise assume everything is not perfect is the one who is not meek. They do not have confidence, and not be true to yourself, finally called lying.

Perfection of Islam is not the state that has the basic form of Islam, Islam is in perfect form instructions.

People who do not understand the perfection of Islam, or people who do not believe in the perfection of Islam, has said that there is hypocrisy of the perfection of Islam with a form of Islam, whether in state or Islamic religious man.
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For God There is Only One Religion, that’s religion is Islam

In all three divine religions teachings (which besumber of the revelation of God) there is a similarity that human life begins by Adam and Eve, a man who once lived in heaven, but as enticements of Satan, has violated the prohibition of God, was eventually convicted, thrown into the world , live a life full of sweat, painstakingly, struggles, breed, mutually hostile and kill, until now.

Also there is a similarity, then, that God always accompany human history with his instructions so that people have a guide, which means the right to live according to God, which in the wrong way. Here then going 'crossroads'. The fact that there are now three divine religions that have different conceptions of governance for living, even different concepts about the existence of God. And logically, if all three are equally had a common ancestor, then the teachings handed down from the ancestors should be the same, especially the doctrine of how the image of God. Here there are only two possibilities, there is only ONE true doctrine, the same since the first man there, or all three all wrong, well meaning Muslims, Christians and Jews all stray, no longer the same as what Allah guided along.

This paper will try to reveal what the name of the doctrine of God that began the first man, and then proceed to the families of the next, until in the form they are now, of course, in the perspective of the Qur'an.

It is impossible when God gave him a set of instructions to man, from the first man and provide a 'title' to guide it to a name, and when the next, God also gives a different doctrine, and also providing 'title' else to teaching. Al-Qur'an termed the word religion with the 'deen' something that describes the relationship between the two parties, in which one has a higher position than the other. There is also another term for the word religion, namely 'millat' which means reading to others. Ar-Raghib al-Asfahani define the word deen is a picture of the religion including its details, while overall millat describes a religion is not in the details, Dien could mean a belief system that has been structured, milllat means a doctrine. According to the Qur'an, from the first name of religion, there is only one that really comes from God, namely Islam.
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Development of Islamic in The Modern Doctrine

Before and during the early days of reform, namely before and after the year 1800 AD. Muslims in many countries have deviated from the teachings of Islam are sourced to the Qur'an and Hadith. Irregularities were found in a case:
· Islamic teachings about monotheism has been mixed with disobedience. It is characterized by the many people who Ialam worship besides Allah are also considered sacred tomb worship and ask for help in matters of magic to the shamans and those that are considered sacred. In addition, a group of Muslims who mengkulcuskan and assume that the sovereign is the saints who obey all the commands in.
· The existence of a group of Muslims during the life of this world is only concerned with the affairs of the Hereafter and leave the world. They assume that having a lot of wealth, a high position, and the science of knowledge of the world is never an necessary. Because they live in this world only briefly and temporarily, while the afterlife is eternal and everlasting. Selan, many Muslims who adopts fatalism, that understanding which requires submitting to fate and not have sought, because human life is dominated and controlled by fate.

Deviations slam people to the religion as such, led to the birth of the reformers who tried to awaken Muslims to return to the true teachings of Islam, which is sourced to the Qur'an and the Sunnah (Hadith). Reformer figures is as follows:

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The development of Islam in the Middle Ages

1. The Mamluks in Egypt
            The only Muslim ruler to beat back the army Mongolia (Hulagukhan) is Mamalik soldier who was in power in Egypt under the leadership of Sulthan Baybars (1260-1277) as Sulthan's largest and famous as well regarded as the essential building Mamalik dynasty in Egypt. Mamalik dynasty came to power in 1250 AD Ayyubid dynasty replaces Al and ended in 1517 AD

Because it can dispel Hulagukhan army, Egyptian avoid destruction, as experienced in other Muslim world conquered by Hulagu.Dinasti Mamalik is progressing in various fields. His win against Mongolia army mengusai a capital base for the surrounding areas. Many rulers of small states loyal to the dynasty. Dynasty can also paralyze the Crusaders along the middle of the ocean. In the economic field, he opened trade relations with France and Italy, especially after the fall of Baghdad by Tamerlane soldiers, making Cairo to be a very important trade route linking the Red Sea and the Mediterranean to Europe. Agricultural output also meningkat.Di science, Egyptians are preventing scientists from army attacks Baghdad native Mongolia. Therefore many sciences flourish in Egypt, such as history, medicine, astronomy, mathematics, and religion.

In the recorded history of the science of big names, such as Ibn Khalikan, Ibn Taghribardi, and Ibn Khaldun. In the field of astronomy known name of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi. In the field of mathematics Abu al Faraj al - 'Ibry. In the field of medicine: Abu Hasan 'Ali al-Nafis inventor composition and blood circulation in the human lung, Abdul Mun'im al-Dimyathi a veterinarian, and Al-Razi, a pioneer psykoterapi. Opthalmologi known name in the field of Salah al-Din Yusuf Ibn. While in the field of religion, famous name Ibn Taymiyyah, a reformist thinkers in Islam, al Sayuthi which controls many religious sciences, Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani in the Science of Hadith and others. Demikain midwife also in architecture.
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The spread of Islam After Khulafaur Ar-Rasyidin

The reign of the first four caliphs ended with the killing of Ali ibn Abi Talib. Support groups raised Hasan Ali bin Ali to become caliph. Support groups raised Mu'awiyah Mu'awiyah bin Abu Sufyan.

As Caliph Mu'awiya Hasan handed power to that held by the Umayyad caliphate to Mu'awiya died later after, the government will be returned to the Muslims. However, this agreement was never realized, and the appointment as caliph Mu'awiyah stood the kingdom of the Umayyads. The founder of the Umayyad Empire was Mu'awiya ibn abu Sufyan.

Umayyad name is the name of the grandfather both named Umayya ibn Mu'awiya Abdus Sham. Umayyad Empire succession by descent. This is different from the time the first four caliphs directly elected people.

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Islamic Civilization in The Khulafaur Ar-rasyidin

A. ABU Baqar AS Shidiq

Abu Bakr, his name is Abdullah Bin Abi Quhafa At - Tamimi, dizaman pre-Islamic name Abdul Kaaba, later replaced by the prophet to be Abdullah. He was one of the main companions nicknamed Abu Bakr because of the morning - really early (the earliest) embraced Islam.
Caliph Abu Bakr claimed post office for more than two years. Mainly to solve various problems arising in nagari death of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

B. Uthman

Usman bin affan full name is Uthman ibn abi al-servant ash bin abd al-Shams - Al manafy came from the tribe of Quraish he was born six years after the attack on the temple by force bergajah. Precisely on tahun576 M. His mother named uruy bin kuraiz
Uthman married two daughters of the Prophet, namely Ruqayah and Kaltsum Um, other than that he married six women. Usman bin affan properties are lahiriyah depicted as a handsome looking man
· Events Usman Bin Affan killing
At the end of the leadership of Caliph Uthman Bin Affan going great fitna among the Muslims, especially the area dbeberapa dibasrah, Egypt and Kuffah. Finah - finah deliberately spread by the hypocrites dpimpin by Abdullah bin Saba '. Slander is successfully adopted some to rebel and create Usman Bin Affan pullback. He successfully attacked the house and killed the Caliph Bin Affan.
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The development of Islam in Muhammad SAW

1. PERIOD Mecca
In this period, the first three years, the Islamic da'wah done secretly - hidden home based Arqam bin Abil Arqam, then after the verse 94 of Al-Hijr, the Prophet Muhammad start preaching in the light - sun. But the mission is done under challenge from the Quraysh because of several factors:
- They can not distinguish between the prophetic and power
- The Prophet called for equality between nobles and slaves
- The Quraysh did not believe in the resurrection
- Imitation to the ancestors
- Sculptor and sculpture sellers look islam as a barrier sustenance

In this period the Prophet more emphasis on the basic - basic Islamic community education and social education, then the Prophet laid the foundation - the basis of Islamic society are:
a. Establishing a mosque.
In order to unite Muslims in one assembly that can together praying pilgrims and try the case - the case preformance community.
b. Uniting between the ansyahr and muhajirin
c. The agreement between the mutual aid between the Muslims and non-Muslims
d. Laying the foundation - the basis of the political, economic, social msyarakat
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The Beginning of Islamic Civilization in the World

~The Beginning of Islamic Civilization in the World~

Did you know about the Origins of Islam in world history and the history of the inclusion of Islam in Indonesia? On this occasion awalmula.com will share information to increase our knowledge of the history of religions, especially Islam. Because the study of history is important as the word of Allah in the holy book the Koran verse 111 which means "to study history are ibrah (lessons). Why is that? Because by studying past history, we can take the lessons for the future as planning or concept better. And of course we all know the hadith of the Messenger of Allah SWT that read "Today should be better than yesterday and tomorrow should be better than today". For that let us always learning histories that exist in the world as the concept of a better life.
Minutes of Islam followed by the Prophet Muhammad in the Arabian peninsula in the 7th century AD when the Prophet Muhammad received revelations from Allah swt. After the death of Rasullullah s.a.w. Islamic empire expanded to the Atlantic Ocean in the East and Central Asia.
However, the emergence of Islamic kingdoms such as the kingdoms Umayyad, Abbasid, Seljuk Turks, and the Ottoman Caliphate, Mughal Empire, India, and the Sultanate of Melaka has become a big crown in the world. Many science experts, philosophers and so emerged from Islamic countries, especially the Islamic Golden Age. Because many of the Islamic empire that made him the school.
In the 18th century and 19th century AD, many Islamic regions fell into the hands of Europe. After World War I, the Ottoman Empire, the last Muslim empire collapsed.
Arabian Peninsula before Islam is a region that is passed by the silk route. Kebanyakkan a pagan Arabs and some are followers of Christianity and Judaism. Mecca is a holy place for the Arabs when it karana are their idols and Ponds Zamzam and the most important and established the Ka'bah and its Prophet Ibrahim Ismail.
Prophet Muhammad. born in Mecca in the year 570 AD the elephant. He is an orphan after her parents died. Muhammad eventually raised by his uncle, Abu Talib. Siti Khadijah Muhammad married and lead a happy life.
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