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Islamic Civilization in The Khulafaur Ar-rasyidin

A. ABU Baqar AS Shidiq

Abu Bakr, his name is Abdullah Bin Abi Quhafa At - Tamimi, dizaman pre-Islamic name Abdul Kaaba, later replaced by the prophet to be Abdullah. He was one of the main companions nicknamed Abu Bakr because of the morning - really early (the earliest) embraced Islam.
Caliph Abu Bakr claimed post office for more than two years. Mainly to solve various problems arising in nagari death of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

B. Uthman

Usman bin affan full name is Uthman ibn abi al-servant ash bin abd al-Shams - Al manafy came from the tribe of Quraish he was born six years after the attack on the temple by force bergajah. Precisely on tahun576 M. His mother named uruy bin kuraiz
Uthman married two daughters of the Prophet, namely Ruqayah and Kaltsum Um, other than that he married six women. Usman bin affan properties are lahiriyah depicted as a handsome looking man
· Events Usman Bin Affan killing
At the end of the leadership of Caliph Uthman Bin Affan going great fitna among the Muslims, especially the area dbeberapa dibasrah, Egypt and Kuffah. Finah - finah deliberately spread by the hypocrites dpimpin by Abdullah bin Saba '. Slander is successfully adopted some to rebel and create Usman Bin Affan pullback. He successfully attacked the house and killed the Caliph Bin Affan.

C. UMAR BIN KHATHAB (13-23 AH / 634-644 AD)

Umar Bin Khathab full name is Khatthab Bin Umar Bin Abdul Nufail descent Azza Al - Adi tribe of Quraish, one of the prominent noble. Umar was born four years before the birth dimekah Nabi.ia is seorangang virtuous, eloquent, fair and courageous.
Umar Bin K hathab Khalifati Rasullullah calls himself Caliph (successor of the prophet replacement). He also got the title Amir al - believers (commander people - believers), in connection with the conquest - penaklukaan that goes on administration.

D. Ali ibn Abi Talib (36-41 AH / 656-661 AD)

The fourth Caliph was Ali Bin Abi Talib, Ali is the nephew of the Prophet's daughter. Ali Bin Abi Talib was the son of Abdul munThalib, is a cousin of the Prophet who had come with her from the dangers that threaten the city of Mecca, in order to help the family of his uncle who had many sons, who helped the Prophet's uncle Abas Abu Thlib to maintain Jakfar, another son of Abu Talib.
Ali is a man who has a lot of advantages, it is pemengan power, full vitalist and energetic personality, with policies that policymakers far ahead. He is a brave hero, the wise, the eminent legal advisor and firm pemengan tradition, a true friend and a generous opponent, he has worked hard to finish the verse, and is the second person of influence after the Prophet Muhammad SAW